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If you left your move for the last minutes, never fear. Network Moving is here. We will scour our Network of Movers to get you the company that will get your move done on time.

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Moving Last Minute can be pricey - Unless you use Network Moving

No one will get you a better deal on your last minute move than us. Try us you won't believe how fast you will find a moving company. Follow these steps and get you move sorted within a matter of minutes.


Fill in your details - Contact and Move details are a must!


Get a couple of offers in next to no time - Like the wind!


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What's new at Shuffle

You already wasted enough time - don't waste any more

It's called a list minute move - In other words if you leave it any longer, you will miss the opportunity at your new destination

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Some of the things people want to know about last minute moves

  • 1

    Is moving last minute more expensive?

  • 2

    Is it possible to move long distance or interstate last minute?

  • 3

    If they are rushed, will they still take care of my stuff?

1) It can be - However it can also be cheaper - it really depends on demand and availability. For example, if a trailer is goin g interstate and it has extra room for your stuff, the mover may give you a great deal so that he utilizes his trailer space to the max. 2) Yes just like in question one, long distance and interested jobs a moved using huge trailers that move multiple households at once. In many cases a route is just waiting for a job like yours to complete the dispatchers puzzle. 3) Yes. they are liable for damage, and their reputation and image is very important. You can be sure that they will make very effort to leave you smiling at the end of the job.

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