Why Buy Moving Leads?

Why Buy Moving Leads?

In 2020 if you are looking for a service of some sort where do you go? - Easy. You hit the web - search engines, social media, youtube. You want to get the best service for the best price. You want to compare, shop around and gain knowledge about the unknown territory you are about to step foot into. This is how I live - and it is the most common practice of people living in the world today.


Sprinters run, Advertisers advertise, and Movers move

In 2014 over 40 million people moved around within the USA, whether it be to another state, city or suburb - That number has been growing by the year due to what we consider to be simple technology. Families used to live in the same cities for generations. Finding a better life was not a common practice - but our smartphones, notebooks and tablets have made discovering our options so easy. So everyone is moving - sounds like heaven for you moving companies right? You can advertise, create countless campaigns on all the search engines and social media and reach everyone looking to move! - Wrong.

Sprinters run, Advertisers advertise, and Movers move - You could not honestly expect to beat a professional sprinter in a running race could you? - So why do you think that you could advertise more effectively then a company spends every second of every day, and every cent they have on advertising? Movers have budgets that include, equipment, trucks, trailers, laborers, foreman, dispatchers and salesmen, (in many companies the same people fill multiple roles) - Advertising companies have a budget that includes, well, just advertising.

When moving companies try and generate their own leads, by the time they gain any traction on their various campaigns they have spent so much money and waisted so much time that they crumble under the expenses. Advertising, like every industry, is cut throat and the competition is intense - and ultimately by moving companies trying to compete with lead generation companies, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Price rises are a result of competition, and although moving companies try and advertise in order to save money, they ultimately end up paying more for every job they book.

So when you are sick - go to the Doctor. When you are in need of legal services - call a lawyer. And most importantly, when you need Moving Leads for your moving company, contact a Moving Lead Provider - and the best moving lead provider hands down is NetworkMoving.com

Written By Adir Pellach - Executive Director, Network Moving Leads LLC

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