When are the Best Times to Move?

When are the Best Times to Move?

If you have the opportunity to make a coming move as stress-free and economical as possible, a great question to ask is: When is the best time to move? Timing is everything when you’re moving, from the season to the exact month, day of the week, and time of day. Everyone knows that a move can be one of the toughest things to go through. That’s why it’s a good plan to do everything in your power to make it easier. As long as you make plans early enough, you should be able to choose all the optimal times for moving. Some tips follow that answer the question of when is the best time to move?

Best Time of Year to Move

Every year, about 46 million people in the U.S. move. It’s best not to move between May and September because that’s when approximately 62% of all of those moves take place. Moving companies get booked up more quickly during those months. It makes sense that families with children prefer to move in summer, while the kids are out of school. That way, they can complete their previous school year before starting fresh in the new location for the beginning of a new school year. So now we know what the worst time of year to move is.

The best time of year to move covers a lot of territory on the calendar because it lasts from October through March. Since there are fewer moves, you may find that movers are willing to offer more competitive prices, in order to get your business.

Best Months of the Year to Move

The candidates for best month to move are all of those from October through March. Movers suggest moving in either October or March. This way, if you live in a snowy area, you’ll beat the snow. March is springtime, and it’s a great time to move. You can probably get a discount from your moving company in either of these months.

Best Week of the Month to Move

People who are moving tend to relocate at either the beginning or end of the month, since that is when leases are typically up. If you have the option, choose a mid-month move. This should be the option that offers the most cost-saving benefits. Demand is usually always high for moves on the first of the month; so the first week is the one to avoid.

Best Day of the Week to Move

It’s best to move between Monday and Thursday, since Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are all in high demand for moves. Most people plan for weekend moves so that they miss less work or school.

Best Time of Day to Move

Early morning is the best time to schedule your movers to get started loading all of your belongings on the moving truck. In spring and summer, mornings are typically cooler. Anyone who does a lot of physical labor knows that the heat will sap a person’s strength far quicker than cool weather. If you can’t make mornings work, no matter how strong your coffee, an evening move might also be cost-effective.

Best Time to Schedule a Moving Company

One of the things to check off of your moving list early is scheduling a professional moving company. If you fill out a request for bids on NetworkMoving.com, four different moving companies will provide competitive bids. By scheduling your movers early, you can be sure that you can move at the optimal time of year, month, week, day, and hour.

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