What to Do Before the Movers Arrive

What to Do Before the Movers Arrive

The biggest moment of truth about how a move is going to go happens when the empty moving truck and movers gets there. If you know what to do before the movers arrive and you do those things, you’ve made one of life’s most stressful events much easier. You could even be one of the fortunate ones with a positive story to tell about your move. Check out the top tips on what to do before moving day, below.

Things to Do Before the Movers Arrive

Purge While Packing

If you are determined to have a streamlined move in which unnecessary clutter is left behind, get started early. There’s a lot of work to do, but it will be worth it. Sort through all of your belongings. Pack in nicely marked boxes everything that’s going with you and donate, sell, or throw out everything else.

Be Mindful of What Can’t be Moved

Certain things cannot be moved in moving trucks. Ask your moving company what they cannot transport for you and make other arrangements for those items. Some things that may be on the list of things that cannot be moved include:

  • Live plants
  • Pets
  • Hazardous materials, including antifreeze, pesticides, chemicals, cleaning supplies, and items that are explosive, corrosive, or flammable.

Separate out your Go Boxes

It’s always good to have a few boxes for things you need upon arrival at the new home. Keep these and other personal belongings for the trek to the new home separate from what will be loaded on the moving trucks.

Clean and Prepare Items

Avoid allowing dirty, stained, or damaged devices and furnishings from coming into contact with delicate or new items. Some of the important steps to take, to avoid messes, problems, and bad smells include:

  • Empty, clean, and unplug all appliances, such as the refrigerator and dishwasher.
  • Drain fuel from power tools, such as the lawn mower, chainsaw, and weed eater.
  • Protect decorative linens, cushions, and other furnishings.

Make Arrangements for the Kids and Pets

Before the moving truck arrives, secure your pets and children at a different location, if at all possible. Even if you need to bring your pet to a kennel, it’s best to keep animals away from the hubbub of moving. If your children will be there during the move, make arrangements for a sitter to keep them away from the action as it’s happening.

Plan to Accommodate the Movers

Moving represents hours of hard work for the movers. Prepare restroom accommodations; and provide soap, a clean hand towel, and toilet paper. It’s also nice to provide snacks and beverages, if the move is an especially large one. Let the movers know where to go to help themselves to refreshments.

Plan for Final Cleaning

After all the boxes and furniture have been loaded, the home needs a final cleaning. Either set aside time for that or arrange for a cleaning service. Some movers offer a comprehensive moving package that includes final cleaning services.

Plan Ahead to Schedule the Best Movers

When it’s time to schedule your mover, visit NetworkMoving.com. After filling out one simple form, you will receive max 4 quotes from professional movers. As important as this step is, it is often left to the last minute. Schedule your move early enough that your choices in movers include those with highest customer satisfaction ratings. If you follow through with what to do before the movers arrive, it’s safe to expect everything to go as smoothly and economically as possible.

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