What is a Moving Lead?

What is a Moving Lead?


Over 40 million people a year move from city to city and over state lines in the USA, surely there should be enough business to go around. Yet, why do moving companies open up and close down at almost the same rate every year? Why is it such a competitive industry? How does one successfully make it as a mover? These are some of the questions that I will try and shed some light on.

As mentioned in another article of mine, Moving companies often mis-judge their capabilities to produce their own business. By trying to save money they end up spending more and ultimately self-destruct.

Movers can only survive with the right Moving Leads and there is only one place that you should purchase those leads www.networkmoving.com.

A Moving Lead is the contact information of a person looking to move. It includes the Name, Email address, Phone number, Desired Move Date, Move Origin and Move Destination, as well as the approximate Move Size - essentially everything a moving company needs in order to provide the person behind the lead with a moving estimate. When moving companies advertise this is the info they wish to obtain.

The information is essentially worth the amount of a full service move, but how do the movers get it? To get that information you have to outbid another company - so how does a small company with a truck or two get business? How can a big company target areas and only get the information relevant to the company routes?

Unless a moving company spends 10’s of thousands of dollars on advancing their website, keeping it relevant and attractive, they will never see that information, because the people moving wont see their site - and even then will the right people see their site?

This is why companies buy moving leads. Advertising companies that specialize in the moving and relocation industry (like NetworkMoving.com) generate thousands of Leads per month that can be customized specifically for any Moving Company, at a fraction of the price of what a mover can. It is simple math - A lead generated by a mover, in an area or route that the mover can not do, is money down the drain. A lead generated by a company like NetworkMoving.com is sent only to those movers who want that specific lead.

So let me show another example:

You are a mover in UT, you have an awesome website that you put a lot of time and money into and you are found when searched for in google - great! - You get a lead from your site:

John Doe, Moving 4br from Miami FL to Salt lake, UT.

The problem is you cant pickup jobs as far away as FL. That lead costed you $60 to generate. You get 10 leads you can not use just like that and that is $600 down the drain! - You get one good lead from Salt Lake to Santa Fe, NM , but wait they want to shop around and get a few more estimates - They find a cheaper company and book with them - another $60 down the drain.

For the same budget that you put on 11 dead ends you could have received over 50 leads from networkmoving.com. Those leads would have been specific to the “filters” and routes that you setup with your lead provider, and statistically you could book anywhere between 1 to 6 Jobs totaling to thousands of dollars in profit.

Movers can only survive with the right Moving Leads and there is only one place that you should purchase those leads www.networkmoving.com.

Written By Adir Pellach - Executive Director, Network Moving Leads LLC

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    Quincy Seale July 29th, 2018 00:24 Reply

    Do you buy moving leads as well as sell them? We sell leads via ping and post and would love to do business. Please get in touch and let me know if you are interested! Thanks! www.imovers.com www.imovingleads.com


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    Johnny J Donelson August 15th, 2018 09:57 Reply

    Have a small moving company and currently on Thumbstack

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    Max Llaneza September 13th, 2018 17:57 Reply

    How much does it cost for a lead? How many leads can you supply per day? Max

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    Hello Interested in long distance leads

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