Tips on How to Move Your Car

Tips on How to Move Your Car

A long-distance move requires a lot of planning, including figuring out how to move your car, when there are more vehicles than drivers. The different options include varying costs of moving a car. Some research may be advisable, considering, for example, that safety and emission laws differ from state to state. Selling your car before moving and buying in the new state is sometimes the least expensive way to go.

Options for How to Move a Car

Your budget may be the deciding factor, as you weigh options for how to move your car. You can rent a tow trailer and tow your car behind the vehicle you’re driving, which is something not everyone is comfortable with. Hiring an auto shipper comes with additional options, such as including your car on an open-air transport or having it hauled in an enclosed truck. Your vehicle could be moved along with your belongings, but this can be an expensive route, since weight affects the cost of a hiring a moving van. Storing your car until you can drive it to your home at a later time is another way to go that could save you money.

Tips for Choosing a Car Moving Service

Customer Reviews

The best place to start when choosing a car moving service is to do some research on customer reviews. Look for strong signs of positive customer feedback from reviewers who have actually used the service and had a good experience.

Insurance Coverage

The rate of measurable damage reported by people using a car moving service is less than 5% of all vehicles transported, research shows. Still, it’s important to choose a car moving service that offers good insurance. When considering a car moving company, ask the following questions:

  • What types of damage are covered?
  • What are coverage limits?
  • Is the entire vehicle included in coverage?
  • Is there a deductible?
  • Are accessories covered, such as hubcaps and spoilers?

How to Prepare your Car for Moving

Clean Out your Car

A standard requirement by car moving companies is that you remove all personal belongings from the car before shipping. Because car movers typically do not have a license to transport goods, nothing can be in the car during transport. Remove everything from all compartments, including parking passes and toll tags.

Drain or Use the Fuel

It is a requirement among many car moving companies that the fuel tank be at less than ¼ tank prior to shipping. Drain the tank, if you don’t have an opportunity to use up the fuel.

Fix Leaks

Check your car for leaks, and fix any issues prior to the move. If there are any unresolved leaks, be sure to inform the car transportation company. If your vehicle is stacked above other cars, the fluid could create a safety hazard or drip onto other vehicles.

Take Plenty of Pictures

Before your car is loaded for transport, take photographs of your car at every angle, in detail. In case you need to file a claim, these pictures will serve as documentation of the condition your car started out in.

Turn off the Alarm

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to disable the car alarm before it is loaded for transport.

How to Choose a Moving Service

Figuring out how to move your car can be complicated, but moving your belongings can be much simpler. If you go to, you will get max 4 competing bids from professional movers after filling out one simple form. You can include moving your car as one of the special conditions, which could mean moving your car is also a snap.

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