Tips for Letting Go, the Biggest Pain of Packing for a Move

Pressures come from all sides for anyone preparing for a big move, but letting go of excess belongings is usually the biggest pain of all. A close tie for second is the pressure of reducing the cost of moving, which is best achieved by cutting back on the amount of stuff to be hauled and comparing quotes from movers. You don’t have to go to an Ivy League school to recognize that moving is less expensive if you have fewer things to move.

The pain of letting go of belongings battles against the desire to hang onto money, placing many people between a rock and a hard place. One solution is as easy as quickly ripping off a Band-Aid, which is to pick up the phone and schedule a full-service mover who simply and carefully packs all of your things. The second solution is to let go of many belongings that, in reality, need to be donated or thrown in the trash. This is doable, but the struggle involved, according to scientists, may be similar to a lifetime smoker kicking the habit with no patch.

The Literal Pain of Letting Go – Things or Money

Research was conducted by the geniuses at Yale School of Medicine, to determine how the brain reacts to discarding personal items. There were two control groups: Hoarders and non-hoarders. They concluded that people with hoarding tendencies experience the same discomfort at letting go of things that smokers or drug addicts feel when they try quitting their habit.

Similar testing was actually done in the same study in connection with paying high prices. Consumers who shop around experience the same kind of pain at the thought of paying too much that hoarders feel at the thought of letting go of belongings.

Tips for Letting Go of Things

If you are determined to push past the pain and reduce the bulk of your move, you can do it! It helps to have some guidance and words of wisdom. A small part of the population actually needs help from professional counselors to stop out-of-control hoarding. The following are some tips for the average person with hoarding tendencies determined to let go:

  • When preparing to pack, team up with one or more support people who will help you cut back on the amount of belongings you are moving.
  • Become familiar with the health and safety risks that area are associated with hoarding things, even if your habit hasn’t gotten wildly out of control.
  • Listen to loved ones and friends who care about you and are simply trying to help you make needed choices.
  • Set goals for changes you’d like to carry over in your new home, such as eliminating clutter and refusing to buy new items that aren’t truly needed.
  • Identify guidelines for what to keep and what to discard, and stick with it. For example, if it’s not a family heirloom and it has not been used for at least 6 months, donate or discard it.

Who to Call for a Mover

Whether or not you are calling for a full-service mover who helps dodge the discomfort of letting go, you can call Network Moving, to simplify the process of scheduling movers. Simply fill out one form and have estimates sent from six qualified movers. No matter the size or distance of your move, you can enjoy painless relocation services from Network Moving.

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