Tips for Finding a Job in a New City

When you’re moving to a new city – and it’s not for work – then finding work will likely be one of the first things on your list of priorities. Whether you move first or try to line up a job before relocating, it’s important to know how to get hired as quickly as possible. If you can afford to wait, it will be easier to move first and begin your job search when you settle. However, most people find that they need to start looking before they relocate. Either way, when you’re ready to start looking for a new job, use the following tips for getting hired in a new city.

Allow enough time

Finding a new job isn’t always as easy or fast as you hope it will be. Even if you won’t be starting your job search until after you move, it’s wise to start planning as soon as possible. Go ahead and update your resume, start looking into companies you may be interested in and local job listings, put together a list of references you can use, and start thinking about your interview outfit.

Sign up for email alerts

You can sign up for job alerts on job listing websites so that you won’t miss a great opportunity. Many major employers allow you to set up these alerts directly on their sites, or you can use a source such as Career Builder or Being notified of new listings immediately allows you to get your resume in immediately.

Be flexible about interviews

It’s difficult to travel to out-of-town interviews, which is one reason it’s easier to find a job after you move. For many people, though, the reality is that they have to make time for an interview or two while they’re still in their old cities. If you aren’t available for an interview when your prospective employer wants to see you, they may not be willing to wait. Keep in mind that you will usually have to cover your travel expenses – unless you are actively recruited – so prepare for that as well.

Take advantage of your connections

Think of everyone you know in the city to which you’re relocating. Perhaps you have friends or family or even some college or professional connections there. Any and all of these may know of a job opportunity or two in the area. Put the word out that you’re moving and looking for work. Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be helpful as well.

Find out whether you can keep your existing job

In some cases, you may be able to work remotely after you move, especially if you will still be available to travel back for meetings. Or, try requesting a transfer if you work for a larger company with locations near your new home.
Finding work isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to ensure that your unemployment doesn’t last for long. Tap your network and be proactive with your job search, and the perfect job will come along in your new city.

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