Tips for Auto transport Brokers and Carriers: Buy Leads

Tips for Auto transport Brokers and Carriers: Buy Leads


The Car shipping industry is thriving in 2018.

People did not used to bother shipping their cars - to most, it had never really been and option. A car or truck was something you drove or sold.

Due to the wide world of free online estimates people today have access to every service - and at the best price! - not only can someone get free estimates for pretty much anything, they also can get an understanding of the acceptable prices to pay for that service. People can compare, pick and choose.

You are Shippers, Transporters, Salesmen and Brokers. You are not online advertising campaign experts. At - We are.

Unfortunately advertising remains a very pricey part of any successful business. Advertising is also what makes and breaks businesses. The correct strategy to get your name out there, but not drown in expenses is probably the most difficult part of making it in any industry.

Car shippers are victims of these very simple mistakes. The common belief that self generated business is always going to be better, comes from the right place, but unfortunately in 2018, quite simply does not work. To compete you need to get in the mix.

Advertising companies and lead generators are available in every industry and quite simply dominate when it comes to the potential client base.

The common question, that always comes up is, “Why should I buy a shared lead, when what I generate, although pricey, is exclusive to me?” - The answer is simple - There is no such thing as an exclusive customer in 2018. Everyone wants a comparison. Even if you self generated a contact, do you really think they will not go to another website?

So how does someone choose the right lead provider?

  • The best lead providers will always self generate their leads - Many lead providers today, purchase their leads from 3rd party sources - What that means is that, in many cases, they are sending you someone else’s unwanted volume.

  • Quality leads are those which have been screened and verified - Bad leads are a waste of time, and time is money. By purchasing verified leads you are essentially boosting your contact ratio with potential customers, and in turn booking more jobs!

  • Know how many other companies you are competing with. The best lead providers in the auto transport industry have various packages and pricing depending on the amount of companies that could potentially compete for the same job. competitions should not affect the leads legitimacy, only the amount of companies who receive it simultaneously.

No successful business goes out with the intention of wasting time and money. Not purchasing leads is actually doing precisely that. You are Shippers, Transporters, Salesmen and Brokers. You are not online advertising campaign experts. At - We are.

Written By Adir Pellach - Executive Director, Network Moving Leads LLC

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