These 5 Things Will Make Settling in Your New Home Easy

Once you have successfully moved into your new house, you may be surprised to realize you still have work to do before you truly feel at home. Here are 5 proven suggestions to expedite your transition to your new home.

Five Things That Will Help You Settle into Your New Home 

1. Start Unpacking Immediately

Nothing feels more unsettling than looking across the room at suitcases. Consciously or subconsciously, you feel like you are in a temporary situation or going somewhere.

Even if you are completely exhausted from the move or have to continue working, prioritize time each day to settling into your new home as fast as possible by unpacking your belongings. 

Set a timer for 15 minutes and unpack as quickly as possible during that time. If you have children, they can set a timer and unpack their belongings too, making it into a game.

2. Help Your Children and/or Pets Get Settled

Both children and pets feel understandably apprehensive after moving to a new place. Make them feel like they are safe and comfortable in your new home by recreating their favorite comfort zone in your new home.

Children who are old enough will appreciate having a say in decorating. They can help unpack and arrange family keepsakes and photos.

Pets should receive plenty of affection during and after the move. Try to keep the same routine with regular walks to help your pet acclimate to your new home. Set up your pet’s feeding area and sleeping space, but for safety, you’ll want to keep your pet in a safe area while you are moving furniture and unpacking.

3. Transform Your House into Your Home

Our senses are very important in how we respond to our surroundings. In particular, the familiar smell of “home” creates a welcoming sensation.

If you have favorite fragrances, or a special deodorizer, or candles that you frequently use in your home, you can make your new home feel familiar by introducing the same scents as soon as possible after your move.

Another powerful smell that will make your family settle quickly into your new surroundings is a favorite home-cooked meal or the scent of freshly-baked cookies. Filling your kitchen with family delights will recall memories and create positive feelings in your new house.

4. Take Care of Basic Necessities

Tempting as it may be to put off handling bureaucratic necessities and unpleasant busy work, you’ll never feel settled in until you get everything transitioned to your new home.

You’ve probably already changed some of your official documents, but make sure you filed a change-of-address form with the Post Office, put the utilities into your name, contacted your bank and your credit card, and changed the address on any of your auto-delivery accounts like Amazon. You may need to have your cable and internet transferred or installed at your new home.

If you drive and you moved out-of-state, you’ll need to follow the requirements for having a new driver’s license issued. If you are in the same state, you’ll still need to have the address changed on your license. Don’t forget to check with your automobile insurance, your vehicle registration, and verify if you need new license plates. Phew!

5. Decorate

Decorating your home is one of the best ways to settle in. Do you like a certain color of paint on the walls? Special tile in the kitchen? 

Whatever accents you add to your home to make it reflect your style will also help you and your family feel you are home. Repainting in your color choice will lend a familiar feel and coordinate with your décor. Get more decorating ideas by browsing sites like This Old House.

Hanging family photos, paintings, and also curtains in each room immediately gives a new house a “lived-in” feel. Organizing and decorating your kitchen will also make your entire family settle into your new surroundings quickly.

One Last Thing Necessary for Settling into Your New Home

Time. It takes time to adjust to a new environment. 

Allow yourself permission to take plenty of time to adjust to your new home.  Even if you do all the above steps, a move is a major event. 

Especially if you lived at your last house or apartment for a long time, it will take a while to adjust to being in a new place, no matter how fantastic it is. It won’t be long, though, before you really are settled in and you think of your new place as “home, sweet, home.” 

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