Six Moving Day Etiquette Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Regardless of what your job is, the chances are that it involves regularly interacting with other people. Whether the people you encounter at work are colleagues, customers, or providers, there are most likely a few things you wish they understood that would make your interactions with them much easier and more productive. Professional movers feel the same way. So, here are some tips for dealing with movers in a way that makes the whole day easier for everyone. 

1. Complete your packing before moving day

Unless you hire full-service movers, who do not just the moving but also the packing, then packing is your job. If you aren’t splurging on the extra expense of packing services, be sure to finish this part of the task before your movers arrive. Their job will be simpler and the whole day will go more smoothly if everything in the house is ready to be loaded onto the truck when they show up. If they have to wait around while you finish packing, everyone’s time is wasted – time you’re paying for no less. 

2. Don’t hover

The most important way you can help your movers is just to let them do their job. You probably have some good ideas about the best way to get everything done, but there’s a reason you hired professional movers. These people are trained and experienced and know how to move heavy furniture, fragile items, and everything in between. Give them room to work – they won’t feel you’re micromanaging them, and you’ll have fewer worries. 

3. Label all boxes

Labeling boxes is one of the most important things you can do to make your move much easier and faster. Make labels for each box listing its intended destination in your new home (i.e. living room, kitchen, master bath). Also, label boxes containing fragile items clearly so your movers will know which boxes to handle especially gently. 

4. Keep valuable items with you

Your movers don’t want to handle your cash, jewelry, or prescription meds any more than you want them to. These items add an extra burden to them because of the risk of being accused if something important should become misplaced. Moving days tend to be hectic, and it can be hard to stay organized. Keep your valuables with you and leave the rest to the moving crew. 

5. Take everything out of drawers and desks

Full dressers, armoires, and desks are not only more cumbersome to move, but they also pose a risk of shifting content and sliding drawers. For this reason, many movers won’t move furniture that still has belongings inside. Although you may have heard that it’s easier to leave everything in your drawers, it’s only safe if you secure the things inside by wrapping the drawers tightly in plastic. 

6. Make sure they have unobstructed access

You can help make your movers’ job easier by figuring out ahead of time where they can safely and legally park their truck, the best way to access your apartment, and whether any time limits exist regarding moving or parking hours. 

Following these etiquette tips can make the day straightforward and less stressful for everyone and give you the best moving experience possible. 

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