Simple Tips to Make Your Moving Day Worry-Free

Moving Day has almost arrived. You feel your heart beat a little faster at the thought of it. But what if moving didn’t have to be stressful? What if you actually enjoyed the moving process?

Is It Possible to Have a Stress-free Moving Day?

It is. All it takes is some advance planning, a positive attitude, and these tips:

Follow the KISS Method of Moving

As with most things, if you want to reduce stress on Moving Day, do your best to use the KISS (Keep It Supremely Simple) method of moving to your new home or apartment.

There are professional movers like Network Moving that can assess your situation. They know exactly how to get your move accomplished.

Why spend hours, days, even months researching information that reputable movers do every day? It’s their profession. Let them do the heavy lifting (no pun intended.)

Whether your move is local or long-distance, professional movers can do everything from packing your belongings, to transporting your furniture and household possessions, to delivering and unpacking your items. You can get a free quote so you know the cost.

Using the services of a professional moving company is one way to reduce stress and save time on the day of your move. Keep in mind, though, that even with movers, you still have plenty of planning and preparation to move to your new place.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Using a moving company can relieve a lot of moving day pressure, but there is still a lot to be done. Now is the time to ask your friends, family, and maybe co-workers or neighbors to help with anything you need.

You will be amazed at how good it makes those who care about you feel to participate in your move by helping you. If you have children or pets, this will reduce your moving day stress a lot.

If You Have A Family

Children may cause parents extra stress on Moving Day. You have a lot to keep track of. Take steps in advance to help your children with their transition to the new home.

Children often become apprehensive during a move. They are leaving the familiar and traveling to the unknown, especially if they are moving to a new area with a new school. The thought of having to make new friends can worry them.

You can provide a lot of support by involving your children in the entire moving process. Moving Day is fun if you think of a few travel games in advance. has some fun ideas for car games that are absolutely free.

If you are moving by car to a new area, let your children each pack their own box to take with them in the car. There can be essential items like favorite plush toys, music, snacks, and games. If they have cameras or phones you can put them in charge of the trip’s photos - an important responsibility.

Your children will feed off of your mood and energy, so if you are excited about Moving Day your children will be calmer. If you are looking forward to arriving at your new home filled with enthusiasm, your children are more likely to embrace the move.

Have A Moving Day Checklist, and Faithfully Follow It

You probably started a comprehensive checklist when you decided to move to a new home like the list we recommend here. You also need a list completely dedicated to your Moving Day.

Moving Day Checklist

  • Go to bed early so you’ll wake up feeling rested on Moving Day.
  • Remember to eat regularly and keep snacks and beverages on hand.
  • Moving Day is not the day to oversleep. Get up early and embrace the day!
  • Make sure your box of essentials is packed and in your vehicle. Double-check for your charger, phone, and a packet of essential documents like leases, utility information, etc.
  • Do a final walkthrough of your home. Check every room, basement, garage, and storage area.
  • If someone is taking care of your children (or your pets) confirm all is in order.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Make sure the windows are closed.
  • Lock the doors.
  • Give the keys to the new owner or real estate agent.
  • Do you have enough cash on hand for the trip? Need any last-minute essentials?
  • Make sure you have your keys or a way to access your new home. This is especially important if you are arriving after normal business hours.
  • Say goodbye to your old home. Take one last photo for memory’s sake.

Moving Day Success!

Once the Moving Day date is finalized, it will happen whether you’re completely ready or not. To reduce a tremendous amount of worry and stress, you should do your best to be prepared and ready.

Planning in advance and remaining organized throughout the moving process and allowing others to help you will minimize last-minute panic. Your Moving Day should be an exciting, enjoyable, and memorable experience! Reduce moving anxiety by visiting Network Moving today to discover a wealth of moving resources, as well as a form for a free moving estimate.

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