Packing Tips

How you pack can make a huge difference in how well your move goes. Packing mistakes can result in boxes being too heavy, items breaking, or unpacking being much harder than it has to be. Check out the following tips and pack like a pro for the easiest move ever.

Choose the right boxes

Different items need boxes of different sizes. Pack heavy items such as books into small boxes to avoid packing boxes so hefty you can’t move them. Lighter items such as linens can go in larger boxes. Large, heavy boxes are a common complaint that professional movers have; they not only make the work much harder, but they increase the chances of something breaking as well.

Pack in the right order

When you fill your boxes, place the heavier items in first. Then, fill the top of the box with lighter things. The same goes for when you’re packing your car, van, or truck – heavier boxes in first, lighter boxes in the back or on top.

Fill boxes completely

There are a couple of reasons why you should fill any space in your boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap (or even towels or clothing). First, when you fill your containers completely, you’ll move a smaller number of cartons overall. Second, loosely-packed boxes can be difficult to stack and balance and can result in broken items.

Keep items from the same room together

Don’t pack items from different rooms together in the same box. Sticking to one room per box – and labeling it with the name of the room – will not only make packing go faster, but it will make unpacking much easier as well. This process also helps your movers know where to put each box in your new home.

Tape boxes closed securely

Make sure your cartons are sealed and will stay that way. Tape the top and bottom seams closed and then wrap a couple of pieces of tape all the way around the top and bottom edges of the box for added reinforcement.

Ask about special packaging for valuable art

Expensive artwork should be handled carefully. Avoid wrapping oil paintings in regular paper, which may stick and damage your work of art. For artwork framed in glass, use masking tape to make an “X” across the glass to ensure it holds together if it breaks. You can then wrap the piece in bubble wrap or paper and pack it in a special frame box with cardboard between each picture.

Pack other fragile items carefully

Here’s a tip for getting your TV from point A to point B safely: if you no longer have the original box, place the TV inside a box specially designed for moving TVs. You can also use another sturdy box after wrapping the TV in a soft blanket (one without buttons or other features that could scratch the screen). You may also want to pack this box inside a second box lined with packing paper for extra protection. Keep plasma TVs upright throughout the moving process.

Ask your movers if you aren’t sure how to pack a specific item – they have experience with moving a wide variety of items safely. These tips can help ensure that you get all your belongings from one place to another in one piece – and your stress level low.

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