Moving Tips for Families with Children

Moving is one of the toughest things in life. With children, it’s even more challenging. When you’re determined to minimize everyone’s stress, you have your work cut out for you. If you rely on a full-service moving company to pack and move all of your things, your goal may be easier to achieve.

Moving is less stressful when you don’t have the task of packing all of those boxes. The traditional way is to begin packing a month or two early and eliminate clutter throughout the process. This way, you start off with less disorder at your new location. You also get the benefit of a smaller price tag on the cost of your move. The following are tips for a family with children moving the old-fashioned way.

Preparing for the Big Move

Just as it is with adults, it can be a psychological struggle for children to leave behind best friends and all that’s familiar to them. It could help to reduce the drama if you are strategic and a bit stealthy about packing. First of all, start as early as possible. Think months, not weeks. The job of packing is always far more involved than any of us imagine. If you have toddlers, it should help a lot to pack their toys and excess belongings at night while they sleep. Leave out plenty of toys for them to enjoy right up until the move.

At some point, it’s good to ask the kids to pitch in and help. They may enjoy creating piles of things to sell. You can let them keep profits from a garage sale, if they work for it. On the final days leading up to the move, give each child their own moving boxes and unique tape color. Let them pack up the last of their things. It will be easy for them to identify what’s theirs at the new home, which will help reduce confusion. To make unpacking altogether easier, have a different tape color for every room.

Moving Day

Take steps before moving day to be ready for the trip to your new home. Long distance moves may require an overnight stay at a hotel. Pack each person in the family the clothes and other supplies they need for your travels. Include duffle bags for each of the kids, with pockets on the outside for travel games and supplies they can access with ease in the car.

Before leaving the house, ask the children if they want to say a final goodbye to the home. Wave goodbye to each room, perhaps while recalling fun memories shared. Be ready for tears with such a sentimental farewell—yours, if not the kids.

It’s natural for everyone to feel melancholy about leaving friends and memories behind. Pack some new toys and travel activities as surprises for the trip. Make favorite family stops on the journey, and talk about adventures to look forward to in your new home and city.

Simplifying the Process of Finding Movers

When the time comes to schedule your moving company, go to it doesn’t get any easier than receiving six competing estimates at once. Simply fill out the form on the Network Moving website. There you will find expert help for a move that’s as effortless as possible. You’ll be freed up to focus on the children, making the transition easier for everyone.

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