Moving Guns Safely

Gun safes can be surprisingly heavy, not to mention more than a bit dangerous. It’s always best to hire professionals to move your guns, but that isn’t always feasible. Guns, like artwork, are unique items that require an extra measure of care during your move. Prepare for your move properly and move your weapons safely with the following tips. 

Move Your Gun Safe Empty

It would help if you never moved your gun safe while it’s packed. If you do, there’s always the possibility that it could be dropped or that some other accident could occur. Then, your equipment could sustain costly damage – or worse, someone could get hurt. Even if you do move guns inside your safe, it goes without saying that they should not be loaded. 

Use the Proper Equipment

Moving a gun safe is not the time to cut corners for the sake of your budget. Use gloves and a hand truck or make sure that your movers do the same. You’ll also need to move the safe in a large, sturdy truck secured with heavy-duty straps. Serious moving requires serious equipment. 

Identify Obstacles

Check ahead of time and get familiar with the path through which you must move your guns. Tight hallways, small door frames, and stairwells are all potentially problematic. If you have these types of features, make sure to have the right equipment such as stair-climbing dollies to make the job more manageable. Also, measure your safe and the space in which it will go before you arrive at your new location. 

Secure Your Safe

Buy or borrow straps – and use them. They are great for keeping your gun safe and other items from being jostled off the hand truck as it is transported from your house to the truck and secure the safe in place with the straps in the removal van for safe moving. 

Hire Experienced Movers

The more help you have with any move, the better off you’ll be. That is especially true when it comes to moving guns. Even if you don’t hire professional movers, enlist a crew of strong friends who have moved heavy objects such as gun safes or hot tubs before. Make sure that everyone wears gloves to protect their fingers. Also, make sure everyone stays hydrated. Moving is hard work! 

In Conclusion…

With the right equipment and the right movers, moving your guns should be a safe and stress-free task. The takeaway:

  • Always empty your safe before moving it
  • Use the proper equipment to move your gun safe
  • Know the route before moving
  • Secure your gun safe properly during transport

If you do encounter any unexpected challenges as you move your guns, be sure to call on professionals who have experience transferring heavy safes. Most certified movers have experience with large and bulky items, even when they must navigate obstacles such as tricky doorways, corners, and stairs. Complicated and potentially dangerous moves are always best left to the pros. 

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