Moving Fragile Items

The last thing you want is to start unpacking in your new home, only to find that your grandmother’s heirloom china or your keepsake wedding-toast champagne flutes have broken in transit. Bubble wrap alone is not always enough. Instead, take note of these professional moving tips for packing your breakable items and ensuring they survive the move with ease.

Avoid overpacking boxes

It’s better to get more boxes than you think you’ll need than to find yourself overpacking and praying that the extra tape will keep the box securely closed. Bulging boxes are harder to stack and make it much more difficult for your movers to pack the truck or van. Also keep in mind that cardboard becomes flimsy over time, so don’t rely on old boxes you’ve had in your basement for years. Get plenty of good-quality boxes and don’t overfill them.

Get a variety of boxes

It may seem to make sense that boxes of one uniform size would be most comfortable to deal with, but a variety of sizes works best. Firstly, large boxes don’t work well for heavy items such as books; for these, you’ll need smaller boxes to avoid packing boxes so hefty that they aren’t safe or practical to lift. When you do use large boxes, pack heavier items on the bottom and top off the box with light things, not the other way around.

Use blankets and pillows

Odd-shaped, fragile items are some of the trickiest to pack safely. If you are moving a particularly delicate and irreplaceable object, give it its own (clearly-marked) box. Place a blanket into the box first, then add the carefully-wrapped item. Finally, place a pillow on top. Tape the box closed and label it with the word “fragile” on all sides along with what the box contains.

Prevent jiggling

When it comes to glasses and mugs, you’ll need to keep them from jiggling against each other during the move. Wrap each one entirely in packing paper (using two layers for fragile items such as wine glasses). Pack these boxes snugly to keep the pieces from moving around. You can also line the box with bubble wrap or packing paper or add more to the top to fill extra space. You can also find containers designed for specific items, such as partitioned holiday ornament boxes.

Stock up on plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is inexpensive and surprisingly useful for moving. You can use it to bundle curtains and rods, secure plastic storage container lids, and keep your rugs rolled up tightly. Protect dressers and other furniture by wrapping blankets around them and then shrink-wrapping the entire thing to keep the item safe and secure while on the road. Keep in mind that if you are using plastic wrap, you should either head to your new home immediately or use a climate-controlled truck or storage unit because moisture that builds up under the plastic has the potential to damage wood or leather.
A little knowledge and the right tools can make it easy and affordable to move all your most valuable belongings, whether you’re moving across town or several states away.

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