How to Pack Moving Boxes like a Pro

Packing boxes like a pro makes for easier transport on moving day, and it can also make finding your belongings simple in your new home. Packing and unpacking boxes is often the most time-consuming part of a move. When you pack like a professional, you can be confident that your belongings should arrive to your new home without damage. If you have time to make careful note of what is packed in each box, confusion during the unpacking process can be eliminated.

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Secrets of Packing Boxes

There are a few basic secrets of packing boxes that can simplify the entire process and help moving day go more smoothly, including the following:

  • Choose the correct box size for what you are packing. Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes. Light items, such as linens and garments, should be packed in large boxes
  • Add extra padding to boxes by placing a towel or packing peanuts at the bottom of every box.
  • Gather all available pairs of socks in your home to fill gaps between items. It’s best for boxes to be completely filled, and socks are ideal to fill empty spaces.
  • Protect all breakables by wrapping them with bubble wrap and bundling them. For instance, place wrapped small bowls into wrapped larger bowls. This will help to ensure that your fragile items stay intact during the move.
  • A general guideline to keep boxes manageable is to keep the weight at about 30 pounds maximum.

Dynamics of a Box

Place sturdy items at the bottom part of a box and lighter items at the top, so that they don’t get crushed. The heavier items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper and tightly packed at the bottom. If the items are somewhat fragile, it’s a good idea to use an additional layer of newspaper, bubble wrap, or a foam divider between the layers of items.

Label Like a Boss

Labeling and keeping track of everything in your boxes will provide you with the most efficient move possible. The following are among your options for organizing packing boxes for a move with labeling and record-keeping:

  • Number every box packed for the move so that you can do a quick count once everything has been unloaded off the truck. This can go very quickly if you know how many boxes belong in each room.
  • Create a system that makes it easy to identify where each box should be placed at your new residence. One way to do that is by using a different color packing tape for each room. Another is to clearly mark the name of the specific room each box belongs in.
  • Itemize what is in each box so that you can easily identify where all of your belongings are.

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