How to Move or Relocate in the COVID-19 Reality

How to Move or Relocate in the COVID-19 Reality

Moving is a necessity for many, even during COVID-19. Although you may prefer not to move during a pandemic, rest assured that it is possible to undertake either a short or long-distance move safely and as stress-free as possible. Here are our latest tips for moving or relocating in the current COVID-19 reality.

This Is How You Can Move during the COVID-19 Times

If you are relocating or moving anytime, you need to decide if you are hiring a moving company or handling the move yourself. You may want to consider professional movers during COVID-19. A professional moving company has adjusted its procedures to move you in the safest way possible. You can find our network of movers and get a free moving estimate at Network Moving.

Network Moving Companies Are Prepared for COVID-19 Moves

Most movers have adopted many of the same measures as officially recommended in order to avoid COVID-19. Frequent hand-washing, distance between the movers themselves, and distance between you and the movers may require some adjustments, but the good news is many transactions, like inventories or getting an estimate, can be done through your smartphone or online.

You can sign documents with your e-signature. Communication can be done via phone calls, texts, or email. Most transactions are now paperless. Many customers prefer the new procedures now in place because everything is more efficient and convenient.

Moving Supplies and Cleaning Items

You probably prefer to avoid too many trips to buy supplies. Make a list of cleaning supplies, boxes, tape, packing materials, hand soap, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and anything else necessary to pack and move so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the store.

Storage Companies

You may also need storage services if you have a gap of time between your move-out date and when you arrive at your new home. This can be particularly inconvenient if you are relocating many miles away.

Check with your moving company to see if they have storage services or if they offer storage. If not, many storage companies are operating.

Keep in Mind Normal Services May Require Extra Time

The many new social distancing regulations, remote work situations, and stay at home orders mean that businesses and governmental services may operate with limited hours. Check with the local branch or office to confirm operating hours. Sometimes requests for legal documents must be made well in advance.

Health and Safety

Professional movers always have health and safety policies and these have been updated for COVID-19. Expect to see masks and gloves being worn and social distancing in effect. You can help by having soap and hand sanitizer readily available.

What If You Are Sick on The Day of Your Move?

You may wonder what to do if you or a family member is sick in the days leading up to moving day, or on your moving day itself. You must notify the moving business immediately to discuss the best plan of action. Your professional movers have a COVID-19 policy in place, so immediately contact the moving company.

Each moving business has its own policies, but it is still possible the movers will be able to carry out the move. If a member of the moving crew is ill, that member will not present. Another mover will substitute if necessary.

Are You Allowed to Move During COVID-19?

You may wonder if you’re even allowed to move during the current lockdowns and restrictions. In general, the answer is yes. Moving is considered an essential situation. If you already have a move scheduled, you can confirm the date and time with your movers, but don’t worry. If they haven’t notified you of a change, the move is probably right on schedule.

You must stay up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations since things change rapidly during a pandemic. If you are moving internationally, you may not be permitted to enter other countries during COVID-19. You need to check the laws and latest regulations for the country you plan to move to.

If you are traveling on an airline or need a hotel, make reservations in advance. Confirm that there have been no changes to your ability to travel. You may also want to check quarantine restrictions in place at your destination.

For domestic moves in the US, you are able to move, even during COVID-19, subject to state and local regulations. Most professional movers are operating. Be sure to check Network Moving to select the best moving companies to handle your move.

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