How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Your moving day is almost over. The past few weeks have gone by in a flash.
Every moment has been filled with preparing, planning, and packing. You followed our preparation guide and you managed moving day like a champion.
Congratulations! You did it! You are now in your new home.

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Don’t Be Surprised That You Need Time to Adjust


It may come as quite a surprise to you that you feel a bit of a letdown after you complete moving day. After all, you have been intensively preparing, and moving day requires focus.
Moving to a new home, even a wonderful new home in an ideal location, is still a stressful event. It takes a little time to adjust.
It takes time to feel, well, at home. Like you belong. If you have children and/or pets, they will look to you during their stress and adjustment period for support.
Take a day or two after your moving day to catch your breath and rest. Don’t wait too long, though, because the sooner you integrate yourself into your new apartment or house, the more quickly it will feel like your home.


Top Ways to Feel Comfortable in Your New Home


Spend your first couple of days exploring your new environment.
If you’re not familiar with your new neighborhood, explore it.
Introduce yourself to your neighbors to begin establishing connections.
Have a housewarming party after you are settled.


Now that you’re actually in your new home, reassess.


Your moving day boxes should have everything you need for the first couple of days.
Survey your new home the first day or two after you move in and think about any big changes you want to make.
Are you happy with the color of the walls? How do you want to arrange the furniture? Everyone happy with their bedroom choices?
Although you’ve probably been thinking about design and decorations for several months leading up to your move, sometimes things appear different once you’re actually settling into your new place.
It’s much easier to make any changes now before you unpack.


Practical Details


Try to get the not-so-fun paperwork out of the way as quickly as possible.
Make sure you keep all your receipts, contracts, utilities information, and other important documents together in an easy-to-find location.
If you haven’t changed your address, you’ll want to update your bank, your tax information, and all subscriptions and deliveries with the information.
Make sure the USPS has your new address.
You will also need to change your address on your driver’s license or apply for a new one if you moved to a new state.
Check the safety features of your new home to ensure everything is functioning properly.
Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be tested. Develop a fire escape safety plan.
Examine windows and doors to make sure they close and lock properly.
If your new home needs to be cleaned, you’ll want to tackle that before you begin unpacking.
It is also a good time to check the plumbing and confirm everything works properly and drains well.




Regardless of whether they’re children or teens, if you have kids, moving to a new home is quite an adjustment. It can be even more stressful if a new school is involved, and if they have to make new friends (Pets also need time to adjust).
Your attitude plays a huge role in reassuring your kids and helping your loved ones feel positive about their new surroundings.
Help your children adjust by giving them a full tour of their new home upon arrival. Make sure they see the yard.
Then take them on a tour of the neighborhood.
Point out anything of interest, wave to neighbors, locate nearby restaurants, and show them their new school.
When it’s time to unpack, enlist their help. Team effort makes everybody feel an important part of the move.
Take frequent breaks together to laugh and enjoy your new home.
Prepare your family’s favorite dinner and enjoy it together in your new home.
Taking part in treasured family activities is comforting and plants family roots in your new place.
Unpack favorite photos, keepsakes, and favorite clothes first.
Allow your children to decide how they want their room arranged to give them a sense of control over their new environment.


Resume Your Regular Routine


Once you catch your breath and recover from moving day, it’s time to return to normality.
Try to resume your regular routine as quickly as possible.
In order to completely return to your normal routine, you’ll need to:


Unpack and Organize Your Belongings


If you packed your boxes and labeled them using the method described here, unpacking will be simple.
Unpack each room starting with the boxes with priority numbers up to 10.
Then systematically work your way through the boxes with higher numbers. Don’t try to unpack all boxes at once, or in a single day.
Emptying boxes using this method will keep your home organized and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed (Your kitchen may be an exception.You may need the contents from all the boxes.)
If you did not label your boxes, hopefully you know which boxes have priority contents.
Don’t try to unpack everything in one room. Instead, unpack the priority items in each room of the house.
Establish an area for all the used boxes and materials.
Check with your moving company to see if they have a program for returning the boxes. If not, break down the boxes and recycle them.
You and your family will see your home coming together.
The unpacking process should be satisfying, not stressful.
If you need to pause unpacking for any reason, your home is livable and you have the main pieces ready in every room.


Putting the magic touches on your new home.


To truly make your new house feel like a home, you’ll want to add personal touches to each and every room.
When you hang your favorite paintings, kids’ artwork, and photos on the walls, your new house feels familiar and special.
Your favorite kitchen gear and gadgets, plants, and throw rugs all add a familiar appeal that indicates home.
Vases and decorative items add the finishing touches in your living areas.
If you have a favorite scent or use candles or oil diffusers, scent is a powerful way to help you feel at home.
Familiar aromas in the kitchen are also very welcoming.


Now Your New House Is Your Home


Take a moment to look at your beautiful new home.
Moving can be challenging, but you did it.
Add special touches to your new home to make it a welcoming haven for your family.
It won’t be long before this house is so comfortable and familiar, moving to your new home feels like the best decision you ever made.


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