How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

If you’re planning a move, you’re probably thinking about how to pare down your belongings, move as few things as possible, and start fresh in your new home with just the items you use and love. A garage sale is an effective way to get rid of many things that are still in decent shape and make a little pocket money doing it. Here’s how.

Plan well

Choose a date and time for your sale. Most people hold garage sales on the weekend because that’s when shoppers are usually out and about looking for their next find. To attract the most people, begin your sale early in the day. Start later, and you’ll miss the early birds. Also, check the weather forecast and the local calendar to make sure your sale won’t coincide with rain, snow, or popular events such as festivals.

Gather your merchandise

If possible, designate a room or at least part of a room to gather the things you want to sell. When you come across something you want to part with, store it in the designated space until you have enough stuff for a garage sale. As the date of your sale grows near, go through your entire home for any additional items you can add. Check the attic, basement, and all closets. Keep in mind that garage sale shoppers will buy all kinds of things including old CDs, perfume, shoes, and much more. You may also want to see if your neighbors are interested in holding garage sales on the same day because multi-family sales are popular with the garage sale crowd.

Advertise your sale

Not advertising is a typical garage sale mistake and one that will cost you. Place an ad in your local paper and on social media such as Facebook and Nextdoor. You should include information such as the time, date, and address, as well as big ticket items you’re selling. Furniture, toys, and collectibles are sure to draw a crowd.

The week before

In the days leading up to your sale, price your items individually to make it easy for both shoppers and the people collecting money. You can buy price tags designed for this purpose, but it’s more economical to use a roll of manila tape and a marker. If you aren’t sure what to charge for specific items, you can check online guides or even visit a few garage sales yourself to get a feel for what prices people expect. Also, make sure to get enough change, including plenty of fives, ones, and quarters. Gather tables to display your goods as well as clothing racks to hang dresses, coats, tops, and pants.

The day of

On the morning of your sale, get up early enough to position signs on the main roads to direct traffic to your site. You’ll also need to allow plenty of time to get your merchandise set out and organized. Set up a comfortable chair for yourself and one for each person helping you. Be sure that you have a power cord available to allow shoppers to test any electronics. Be ready for hagglers – garage sale shoppers love a deal, so be prepared lower your prices slightly. When your garage sale is over, consider donating any leftover items to a local charity instead of throwing them away. Count your money and decide what to do with it – then get some rest. You’ve earned it, and now you are better prepared for your move.

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