How to Check If Your Moving Company Is Licensed and Insured

How to Check If Your Moving Company Is Licensed and Insured

If you are like most people, moving is a time of many emotions. You may be excited and looking forward to your new home, yet stressed out, tired, and worried at the same time. This is completely normal whether you are moving a short distance or doing a complete long-distance relocation.

Selecting trustworthy, competent movers helps to reduce some of the stress. The more you know about your movers, the more confident you’ll feel. It is critical to verify that any moving company you select is licensed and insured.

Hiring movers will cost money and they will be transporting your household belongings and personal items which have sentimental or monetary value to you. It is well worth your time to carefully evaluate a few moving businesses and to carefully research them. 

One easy way to have peace of mind is to select from Network Moving’s dependable moving companies. You can visit the Network Moving website and get a free moving quote from qualified moving businesses. All of the movers on Network Moving have operation approval by the US Department of Transportation and are insured and licensed.

What Is A Licensed and Insured Moving Company?

A licensed and insured moving business is a professional company legally able to conduct business in the United States. A licensed moving company refers to a company that has been awarded a business license from the state or federal government to conduct moving services.

An insured moving company indicates the movers have insurance coverage to protect your items in case of loss or damage. This means you will receive compensation in case something happens during the move. There are many variables in insurance coverage, so check the insurance details carefully before you sign a contract. You can frequently get a higher amount of insurance coverage for an additional fee.

How Can You Tell If A Movers Are Licensed and Insured?

You will want to ask your movers to show you their state or federal license, and their Certificate of Insurance (COI). Every state has different requirements for moving companies. You can verify your state’s regulations on the US Department of Transportation website here. If your moving company needs to go through more than one state, for example, you are moving across the country, make sure they are licensed for interstate moves.

In general, states require movers to formally register with the state and offer insurance. The federal government and most states require moving companies to offer, at the minimum, full-value or released liability to customers for valuation coverage.

Full valuation insurance covers the complete cost of replacing or repairing lost or damaged property. You need to purchase this, and the cost varies depending on the amount of the deductible.

Basic released liability coverage is included as part of your moving package by most moving companies. If any of your property is damaged, destroyed, or lost, the moving company can either replace the item, pay market value for the item, or offer a cash settlement.

It is important to have everything documented in a detailed written agreement. When you handle your move with the professionals at Network Moving, everything is organized, itemized, and detailed for you.

Is Being Bonded The Same As Being An Insured Mover?

When a moving company is bonded, it means the movers paid a bonding company an amount of money to hold in case there is ever a claim made against the movers. Insurance coverage often serves the same purpose, so although some moving businesses are licensed, bonded, and insured, being bonded is not always necessary.

How to Tell If A Moving Company Is Registered with the DOT

Your moving company should also have operational approval from the US Department of Transportation. The moving industry is strongly regulated, and a moving company with a US Department of Transportation number signifies the movers are registered with the federal government. You can verify the moving business is registered by visiting

Be Safe and Verify Your Moving Company

Although the majority of movers are legitimate and work hard to maintain a good reputation, there are a few scammers. Before you agree to anything or make any type of payment, take the time to verify the moving company you are interested in is licensed and insured. Network Moving makes it easy to connect you with dependable, licensed, and insured movers. Get your free, no-obligation moving quote today.

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