Getting the full value of your leads

Getting the full value of your leads


Did you know that an astounding 25% of good leads are lost to incompetence of sales staff?
This is bad, but not nearly as bad as the additional 5% lost due to stubborn company policy.
Thats right - You, the owners, are in many cases the problem.
In 2019 with the abundance of technology available to assist marketing and sales strategy, your numbers should be higher than ever.
If they are not, sure, it could be that you are purchasing the wrong leads - but more likely you are stuck in the past.


These are the things you have to be doing if you want to close as many of your leads as physically possible:

1) Jump Fast

A lead is a living and breathing thing and your CRM or inbox is where it goes either to get booked or to die. If you are not first to jump your competitors will and while your job is not over until the deposit is paid, your job gets harder and harder every moment contact is not made.

2) Don't forget to text

Did you know that in 2019 you have a 50% higher chance of reaching someone via text than you do via phone call? How it is possible that most companies STILL do not utilize this incredible form of communication for sales, is astounding. People text while doing everything! While in meetings, while eating, even while in the restroom - They will not answer a phone call doing any of those things!

3) The full value of an email

While not as effective as texting, you must still send emails to your leads. When sending an email, the better CRM’s will offer custom templates and automatic estimate forms for completion with inventory options. These are great - and again if you do not have these options available you are quite simply losing to your competitors who do. They give potential customers something physical to work with - that interactive experience allows clients to feel in control and will boost your booking numbers.

4) Some people just need to hear your voice

Statistics show that someone over the age of 60 will still need be reached by phone. If they don’t actually speak to a human being you have next to no chance of booking them. The more effective methods of text and email are irrelevant when reaching more senior citizens - So considering the age of the lead is not a general lead parameter, you still will need to call all leads until they respond one way or another.

If you do not use one of the methods mentioned above you are stuck in the past and you could and should be making a lot more money from your leads. To say “no - we don’t text our clients” is just like saying we are more than happy to not book jobs - which is ridiculous. The same goes for emailing and calling - if you or your sales staff leave stones unturned you are missing out on thousands of dollars in potential business and you are not giving your leads the attention they deserve. Getting the full value of your leads in crucial for your company’s success.

Written By Adir Pellach - Executive Director, Network Moving Leads LLC

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