Choosing An experienced Moving Company

An experienced Moving Company

It sounds super cheesy and cliche’d but a Moving company is like a fine wine. Although not exclusive, it usually gets better with age.

Don’t get me wrong there are some great up and coming moving companies and fantastic new and modern companies come a long every day.

The thing is that a company that beats the test of time, is simply better than the rest. That is not a clear statement - what does it really meant to beat the test of time? Just hanging around with an active USDOT number is not enough. A company that really keeps up is one that stays  relevant. It means they keep their website looking great, adding the relevant social media, uses the correct technology and keeps fresh.

The reason that companies like Apple and Samsung dominate the technology arena is because they update their technology constantly - all based around user experience. This works in every industry - As people, our environment and our minds are changing. A Mover who is unable or not willing to accept this is not a good mover. I challenge you to find one industry that hasn’t changed at all in the past 10 years.

One of the easiest ways to check out a moving company is by looking at their website. A company who has been in the moving industry fro 30 years, but their website looks the same age is not recommended - Chances are everything about their company is that old too, from their equipment right down to their contracts and estimates. Movers in 2020 need to use a CRM to manage their clients. They need to be environmentally aware and send out paperless forms with the ability to digitally sign. 

The word experience means to know something as a result of the past. It does not mean to be stuck in the past. A company learns from its experience in order to grow and improve. So a brand new moving company that implements the lessons learned from the past and that develops with time to stay relevant, is actually a much more experienced mover than the old friendly mover that doesn’t know how to send a text message.

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