Checklist of 10 Things People Forget when Moving

Checklist of 10 Things People Forget when Moving

In the rush and stress of moving, there are some things people commonly and regrettably forget. A big move is already a major life event that creates a plethora of hard-hitting struggles. There’s the heartbreak of pulling up stakes from a place you may have loved calling home-check! There’s some fear and trembling over what it’s really going to be like in the new home, new job, and new town-check! Don’t even try to think about all the costs related to moving-check! Here’s your definitive moving checklist of things to take care of that often get overlooked in the midst of the psychological drama of moving.

1-Register your Change of Address

This may seem like the most basic of actions to take when moving. But if you forget to register your change of address with the post office, you are not alone. It is a remarkably common oversight. While you’re at it, share your new address with your bank, credit card companies, magazines you subscribe to, and anyone else you need or want to stay connected to.

2-Pack with a Plan

The number of moving boxes can quickly become dizzying. The easiest and quickest way to simplify unpacking at the new home is to designate one tape color for each room. Be careful to use the chosen tape color to seal all boxes for that area. This also means movers have a quick and easy reference, as far as where to put everything when unloading the moving truck.

3-Pack “Open Me First” Boxes

Give some thought to what will be needed upon first arriving at the new residence. This may include such essentials as toilet paper, batteries, paper towels, hand soap, cleaning supplies, snacks, garbage bags, chargers for electronics, and flashlights as well as anything else you expect your family will want right away.

4-Keep Important Items Handy

There are some things you don’t want to get misplaced in the move. Take special care to keep those items with you throughout the move. They include medical records, passports, social security cards, your driver’s license, insurance information, and the key to the new residence.

5-Switch off the Old and Turn on the New Utilities

After a long journey to your new home, you don’t want to find that the electricity, gas, and/or water hasn’t been switched on. Make needed arrangements at least a week before moving. In addition, give yourself plenty of time to move out before having the old utilities cut off.

6-Make Arrangements with a Moving Company

Even though all the hustle is about packing up belongings to be loaded onto a moving truck, people often forget to make arrangements with movers, until practically the last minute. makes it easy. Fill out one form and get six quotes from professional movers.

7-Plan Ahead for a Smooth Transition for Kids

Moving causes anxiety for children as well as adults. Take the time to help your children adjust. Books are available that you can read with your kids, and they help answer a lot of questions children may be having. It also encourages them to discuss what’s bothering them. For moving day, have some special plans in mind that will help brighten their spirits on the journey and upon arrival.

8-Make Parking Arrangements, if Needed

In some cases, it is very important to make arrangements ahead of time to have a moving truck at the old or new address. You may need to have plenty of change on hand to feed a parking meter. If you are moving to a bustling area in a large city, this could be a logistical problem, if you don’t do your homework and plan ahead.

9-Help your Pet to Adjust

A move is confusing for pets, too. Create a pet-friendly spot in the home upon arrival. Place articles in the pet space that have a familiar smell on them, such as favorite toys and a favorite pillow.

10-Update your Voter’s Registration

Once you are settled at your new address, be sure to register as a voter there. The process is different from one state and one county to the next. If it’s important for you cast a ballot come voting time, you may not want to waste any time checking this one off your moving to-do list.

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    Nancy Almanza June 12th, 2018 11:22 Reply

    I will be moving in the next year 2019. I'm not sure where I'm going yet but a move is inevitable. My options are leaning to Iowa - city is not known yet. I will be moving from New Jersey. There may only be one bedroom, one dining room, 1/2 living room, lots of boxes, a few very important pieces that are made of stone. Please send me any information I may need to keep you at hand. Thank you, Nancy

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