Can Moving Companies Store Your Stuff?

Can your movers store your items for you? There are moving companies who will store your stuff, but there are a few things you need to know before you select your moving company.

How to Find Moving Companies That Store Your Items

Moving would be great if it could be effortless and uncomplicated. The reality is, moving, especially long-distance, usually requires a lot of flexibility, patience, and careful research. 

The good news is Network Moving has done a lot of the research for you. You can obtain a free moving quote and specify your moving requirements.

Dates and deadlines do not always align seamlessly. You may need to be out of your current residence by a certain date, but you won’t arrive at your new location before your items do.

Is there a way to safely store your items until you arrive at your new home? Is there a moving company that will pick up your belongings at your current home and deliver them at the right time to your new destination?

What Are The Options When Your Belongings Must Be Stored?

If you have no choice but to store your stuff for a certain period during your move, it is good to consider what your options are. Research what requires the least effort and how much each option will cost.

  • Store items at family or friend’s home
  • Rent a storage container (moving PODS)
  • Arrange for a storage facility
  • Have your Moving Company store your stuff

Advantages of Storing Your Stuff with Your Moving Company:

  • Simplifies your move 

One less logistical item to contend with. The key is planning in advance to find and arrange for a moving company that can store your belongings.

  • Convenient

The same company responsible for your move is managing your items. You don’t have to coordinate between different companies. You don’t have to deal with getting your belongings from a storage facility to the movers. There isn’t any stress related to finding a way to get your stuff that was in storage to your home. Your moving company handles everything.

  • Licensed professionals

When you find your movers through Network Moving, you have licensed, insured professionals. Your moving company is very experienced in handling household belongings. They know all the ins and outs of the moving process and are the experts in getting your items from your old home to your new destination.

  • Peace of Mind/Confidence/Trust

When you select your movers, you research reviews, credentials, and get a moving quote. You already chose the company you feel most capable of transporting your items. You feel a level of trust and confidence in them. Saving a few dollars on a DIY method may not be worth the hassle of having to find a storage company on your own. You already have experts managing your move.

Be Careful Because Not All Moving Companies Can Hold Your Stuff

Not every moving company has the ability or facilities to store your items when your moving dates do not coincide with your arrival. Although most movers are able to hold your items overnight, or for a very short number of hours or days, not all can.

It often makes sense to store your personal and household items, especially during long relocations or cross-state moves. Although there are storage facilities you can rent, storing your belongings with your moving company has benefits.

Before you sign your moving agreement, make sure to confirm if your moving company can store your items. Also, confirm exactly how long and if there is any extra cost.

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