Best Home Improvements to Make Before Moving In

Unless you designed your new home yourself, the chances are that there will be things about it you’ll want to change. You might want to replace the carpet, paint, or complete other home improvement projects, and these projects will be much less demanding in an empty house than one that’s full of furniture and boxes. Before moving, consider whether you might want to make these home improvements. They’ll be much simpler and less expensive if you can get them done before moving day.


There’s never a better time to replace flooring than when the home is empty. Flooring tolerates a lot of wear and tear, so replacing or upgrading is common when people buy new homes. However, it’s an investment, and many home buyers put it off until a later time. Unfortunately, that means that they’ll have to move all their furniture and other items out of the room – or out of the house – during the project, making the labor costs higher and the duration of the project longer. If you know you’re planning to make changes to the flooring, make them before you move in if at all possible.

Interior painting

Many people paint the walls in their new home to suit their tastes. This is another task that’s much easier to complete if you don’t have to move around or cover all your furniture. Also, if you’re hiring professional painters, it will cost less since a significant portion of the cost is for labor. You can spend less and protect your furniture by painting your home’s interior before you move in (and before you install new flooring). You’ll also avoid breathing in paint fumes if you paint while the house is still empty.

Closet shelving

Unpacking is already stressful enough without not knowing where you’re going to put everything. Make getting settled in easier by installing closet fixtures before you move in. This is your opportunity to plan for the space and shelving you need. You’ll also simplify your move by having your closets set up and ready to unpack your wardrobe and accessories. Furthermore, you won’t have to move everything out of your closet later to complete the upgrade.


If you are planning to install a fence – whether for children and pets or just for your privacy – before you move in is a great time to do it. Even though it may seem like a fence is something you install later, you’ll be glad you did it early. Waiting makes it too easy to push this one down on your to-do list; having your indoor and outdoor space optimized before you move will make the entire experience more enjoyable and straightforward. Keep in mind that you may need a permit to install a fence, so this is one project you should look into sooner rather than later.

Bonus tip: put fresh batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Before you spend a single night in your new home, make sure that the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors have working batteries. Don’t count on the batteries that are already in them – you probably don’t know when they were last replaced. Go ahead and replace them before you move, and rest easy.

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