Four Common Moving Mistakes

Moving can be quite the process and, while most Americans will move more than 11 different times in their life, it doesn't necessarily get easier the more experience you get. It's easy to start out with meticulous planning when you'e in the initial stages only to end up rushed and stressed out by the end of moving day.

Four Common Moving Mistakes

There are a few things you can do, however, to make the big day go more smoothly, and most of the common moving pitfalls are pretty easy to avoid. It just takes a little planning and - most importantly - asking for help.

Too often people try to tackle a move all on their own. This is a big mistake and one that makes it hard to ensure everything goes the way it's supposed to. After all, if you'e focused on doing all the lifting, packing, driving, and unloading, you'e not thinking about all the other tiny details you need to pay attention to when moving into a new place. To avoid this situation and other common moving woes, keep these four common pitfalls in mind.

Trying to Do It All on Your Own

Out of all the most significant moving mistakes, this is the most common. It's become the norm in many places to handle just about everything independently, from moving to a new house to doing your landscaping. While the time outdoors might make the latter worth it, moving without the support of a professional moving team is not always wise. Not only are professional movers equipped with essential equipment like lifting belts and hand trolleys, but they'e also trained to get everything loaded up and to your new home quickly and efficiently.

Working with an Uninsured Mover

While working with a moving company is always a smart idea, you'll want to do a little research on the company you choose. Among the things to look out for are their insurance and licensure status. There are scammers out there who aren't authorized to provide the services they claim. From there, customer reviews and Better Business Bureau reports can help you choose the best moving company for you.

Overpacking Heavy Boxes

It's unclear why we make this mistake repeatedly. The heaviest items such as books and plates - should go in smaller boxes. This way, you won't find yourself with a large unmovable box stuffed with heavy objects. It might seem more efficient to try and pack things in as few boxes as possible, but with heavy items, the extra effort is worth it. Your back will thank you later! This is another area where a moving company can help. Your packing plan is up to you, but most movers can advise well on how to pack things efficiently yet safely.

Not Taking Enough Time

Finally - take a deep breath - slow down! Many people try to pack a move into a short block of hours or even less. It's understandable not to want to miss more work or other things in life but taking the time to finish your move right will cut down massively on stress and potential oversights.

One reason we find ourselves rushing goes back to the first mistake mentioned - not getting the support you need. With the help of a qualified moving company, you can get everything taken care of quite efficiently while giving yourself enough time to take care of all the other tiny details on moving day.

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