5 Great Packing Hacks to Make Moving Easier

5 Great Packing Hacks to Make Moving Easier

When it comes to packing for a move, anyone who wants to protect their belongings will benefit from knowledge about how to pack correctly. Obviously, millions of people who pack and move every year have no training in how to pack economically or how to pack specific items that could be damaged. That’s no problem, thanks to the Internet. Some great packing hacks are right here in this article. Any or all of these tips may turn out to be some of the best moving advice you ever got.

5 Helpful Packing Hacks for Moving

1-How to Pack Shoes

Moving can damage shoes and cause them to show signs of wear and tear more quickly. If shoes are properly packed, however, they will arrive to your new home, no worse for having been transported in a moving truck. If you have the boxes your shoes came in, simply place your boxed shoes inside of a medium moving box. Few people have all of their shoeboxes. So the following are steps for packing shoes correctly so that they aren’t damaged in a move:

  • You’ll need plenty of packing paper, packing tape, and a permanent marker, as well as a medium-sized moving box.
  • Start with your heaviest shoes, so that they don’t crush the lighter shoes.
  • Stuff your shoes with a rolled up sock so that they keep their shape.
  • If there are odors, sprinkle some foot powder in the shoes.
  • Place one shoe on the corner of a paper and roll the shoe in the paper approximately halfway.
  • Next, place the second shoe on the paper and continue rolling.
  • Pack each shoe bundle on its side in the bottom of the box and then in layers.
  • Lastly, label the box “Shoes” and seal it up with packing tape.

2-Protecting Furniture from Stains and Spots

Many moving companies provide moving blankets to protect furniture from being damaged. Others provide protective wrap that also has some cushion. Furniture needs protection from scratches but also from stains. It’s important to find out what supplies your movers have to ensure that your furniture arrives in the same condition it was loaded on the truck in. Without covers and wraps, for example, a greasy dolly could spoil the fabric on a couch. The walls of a truck might also be dirty.

3-Packing Tips for Breakable Dishes and Knives

Save up old newspapers, for cheap dish packing paper. Each dish should be individually wrapped, one at a time. Larger items, such as serving trays, may need tape to secure the newspaper in place. Wrap and pack heavier, larger dishes first and place lighter items on top. Add additional crumbled pages of newspaper, for added cushion between the layers of dishes during transit.

Heavy ceramic items with fragile glass pieces need extra protection. Use blankets and soft clothes as insulation. Cautiously pack knives. If they aren’t packed correctly, exposed blades can pierce through cardboard. This could cut the hands of movers. People who are unpacking could also be injured, if knives are not packed well. Each knife should be securely wrapped all around in newspaper. The box they are stored in should be clearly marked “Knives.”

4-Furniture Disassembly

A good way to save money on a move is to disassemble large furniture, so that it can fit better in moving trucks. Pieces of furniture are far easier to pack and maneuver into a moving truck. When a large piece of furniture is not disassembled, it is more likely to break or become damaged. Keep screws and bolts organized by placing them in sandwich bags and taping them to the underside of the furniture frame they belong to.

5-Ask Your Movers for Tips

NetworkMovers.com can help you find a professional mover with one simple step. Fill out a form, and you will receive four competing bids. Once you’ve decided on a mover, ask them what their packing tips are and what equipment they make available to their customers. Check back to the NetworkMovers.com blog for more hacks in future posts.

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