4 Major Moving Mistakes to Avoid

4 Major Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Carefully avoiding moving mistakes is one of the most effective ways to reduce the stress of this major life event. Moving is complex. It’s really easy to miss steps when preparing for the day all your belongings are loaded up in a moving truck. Without the right checklists, even those who start early can make regrettable errors. The following are some of the most common moving mistakes to avoid.

1-Failing to Secure the Best Insurance Coverage for your Needs

If you hire a reputable moving company, it’s possible insurance won’t be a concern. Of course, if you value your furnishings, it’s always best to be prepared. Every interstate moving company is required by federal law to offer customers two types of insurance:

  • Full-value protection provides insurance coverage based on the customer’s valuation of the items being transported. If something is damaged, you aren’t given a check, however. Instead, you get a replacement item that has equal value or the moving company pays for repair.
  • Released-value protection covers .60 cents per pound of the value of your belongings.

Sometimes homeowners’ insurance policies cover items in transit during a move. Check to see if yours does. Another possible option is separate liability insurance, which some moving companies offer. Third-party companies also make additional moving insurance available.

2-Underestimating the Intensive Labor Involved in Moving

Planning a do-it-yourself move is risky. After all, it’s no joke that friends tend to be strangely absent when someone needs help moving. When you really think about it, though, moves involve back-breaking work. It’s extremely labor-intensive. It may seem like it makes money-saving sense to rent a truck and do it yourself, but people often find that going for the DIY option was a big moving mistake.

3-Budgeting Incorrectly

The overall cost of moving is typically much higher than people anticipate. Moving costs alone are often higher than expected. The costs of getting settled in at a new location can be full of surprises that challenge your bank account. One way to mitigate the possible monetary damage is to get competing bids on your upcoming move. At NetworkMoving.com, you can fill out one form in detail regarding everything to be moved and get four competing estimates. This is a good start, as far as figuring your overall budget for moving. Another safety net is to do your research and perhaps come up with checklists involved in the different aspects of moving. Don’t forget to factor in expenses involved with traveling to your new home, if it’s a long distance. Do some research on unexpected moving costs. A soon-coming blog on this site will provide that information, as well.

4-You Hang on to Too Much Stuff

The cost of moving is directly affected by how much you have to move. Even loading a truck takes more time, if the number of boxes creates a situation that requires Tetra-like skills. Tetra is a video game in which blocks are dropped in a way that avoids wasted space. Most people have many, many things that really should be thrown away, donated, or sold because they are simply stored away and not used month after month, year after year. Moving unnecessary items increases moving costs and possibly creates continued costs of added storage in your new location.

NetworkMoving.Com Helps Avoid Mistakes

A website devoted to helping people enjoy a successful move is at NetworkMoving.com. The site does some of your research for you, since all of the moving companies that provide bids have met certain criteria to establish that they are legitimate professional moving companies. Since even the best of friends are often missing in action during a move, it’s nice to know someone has your back.

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