11 Tips to Help You Move the Right Way

11 Tips to Help You Move the Right Way 

You may be wondering if it is even possible to move right now. It certainly is, and you are not the only one thinking about a move. Although the thought of moving in the time of COVID-19 and all the upheaval is unsettling, there are many reasons why it is necessary.

Understanding how to move the right way is more important now than it was a year ago. You have a choice between handling your move yourself or entrusting it to a moving company like the selection on Network Moving.

There are many moving resources to help you on the Network Moving website, so take your time exploring them. The following are some key tips to help you do your move right, and better yet, they won’t cost you a dime.

What You Need to Consider As You Plan Your Move

Planning is Everything. Use the following guidelines as checklists so you can create an outline for your move.

  • Decide what moving company you will use right away. You can visit Network Moving to locate licensed movers in your area, get a free quote, and check availability for your desired moving dates. 

           A moving company saves you time and does all the physical work for you. Professional movers are prepared with the latest COVID-19 safety measures to minimize risk.

  • Develop a list of everything you need to accomplish before the move until moving day. Having a checklist of everything you need to do will ensure you don’t have a bunch of things to do at the last second. You will find your move is markedly less stressful when you use a checklist. If something takes longer than expected, you will still have time to finish it because you organized your schedule.

  • If you need storage, check into it well in advance. Most storage companies are open and operating. It’s also a good idea to check with your moving company. You’d be surprised how many movers offer storage services.

  • Parents with children should arrange for childcare from a family member or friend for moving day. Social distancing will be in place and it will be much easier and faster to move if you can focus your full attention on the move itself.

  • Give plenty of extra notice that you’re moving. Request in advance any documents like birth certificates or medical records you will need. Find out the procedure for getting your driver’s license in your new state if you are moving out-of-state. Arrange to transfer or cancel utilities and subscriptions before moving day.

  • If you are getting rid of items (and you should be when you move) plan well in advance. Check your local regulations to determine if donation rules, yard sales, or bulk pickup regulations have changed.

  • Check the overall COVID-19 rules and regulations in your current area and the location you’re moving to. Stay up-to-date so you are aware of any restrictions or changes that will impact your move and settling into your new home.

  • You’ll want to have plenty of hand sanitizer, liquid soap, disposable gloves, and masks for moving day. Your moving crew will appreciate having soap available if they need it. 

  • Try to have a room in your home set aside to hold all of your moving boxes in one area. That will help the moving crew so they don’t have to wander through your entire home.

  • Keep a backup of your important documents and everything you’ll need on your smartphone or in a safe location. If you’re driving, you can gather everything and carry it in a portfolio or briefcase. Make sure you also have your charger and cords in an easily accessible area.

  • Clean your personal belongings and boxes before moving day and upon arrival at your new home. Disinfectant wipes are very convenient for cleaning door handles, surfaces, and light fixtures in your current home, and as you arrive at your new destination.

Technology Makes Moving Easier Than Ever

Scheduling a move today is actually easier than it has ever been! Almost everything can be done virtually, saving you time and money.

Network Moving has qualified movers throughout the US ready to make your move go smoothly and with minimal stress. Enter your information and receive a free, no-obligation moving estimate.

You may even be able to do your inventory virtually. Movers make it very easy now with a convenient, streamlined process. You can sign contracts via e-signature. The entire process minimizes the amount of direct contact between you and the moving crew.

Whether you are moving within your local area, to a different part of your state, or cross-country, you can research and find qualified, licensed moving companies. There are many reasons you may need to move. Follow the above tips to do it the right way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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